A Muslim is postponed the execution because of a Christian priest


Photo: Alabama Department of Corrections

A Federal appeals court in the us state of Alabama has postponed the execution of a Muslim because a Christian priest. About it reports The Independent.

The verdict against 42-year-old Dominic ray was to be executed the evening of 7 February. However, on the eve of the verdict the panel of three judges decided that the defendant had probable cause to believe that his constitutional rights had been violated. This happened due to the failure of the prison to allow the Imam to witness the execution is a Christian priest.

So the judge quashed the decision of the district court. He previously ruled that ray is too tightened the filing of a lawsuit.

As noted in the verdict of the court of appeal, the convicted person actually explained the rules of the prison, only 23 Jan. Then he was told about the mandatory presence of a priest and refused to allow the Imam during execution. At the same time the document States that in the end, the prison has allowed ray to get away from life in General without any clerics around. However, the judges said that this obviously shows preference to one religious denomination to another.

The state appealed the decision to the Supreme court.

According to the Department of corrections of Alabama, held in the region executions traditionally, there is the Protestant Minister Chris summers. Since 1997, he witnessed the execution of nearly every death sentence. If a prisoner asks the man praying in the condemned cell in his last moments, if not then he just stands to the side.

About the lawsuit with a demand to postpone the execution, it became known on January 30. In it, the attorneys noted that the presence of a priest “may only serve one interest, and unconstitutional, — the protection of the soul or the spiritual health of the convicted person in the Christian belief system”.

The part of ray was sentenced for the murder in 1995. Then he raped and killed a 15-year-old girl.

In December 2018 it was reported that in the U.S. the offender in just over a month, was executed in the electric chair. Both men have asked about this method, claiming that the lethal injection brings much more suffering.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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