Doctors accidentally removed the patient both kidneys and took her life


Frame: KDVR

A Colorado woman died because of medical mistakes. As informs edition Daily Mail, the woman incorrectly diagnosed the disease and removed the two kidneys.

73-year-old Linda Woolley (Woolley Linda) of Englewood was in the hospital in March 2018 with suspected cancer. In may, a woman was operated and removed two kidneys. Only after medical assistance, the doctor admitted the mistake — the patient had no evidence of malignant tumor of organs.

According to Woolley, after the operation, her life turned into torture. “They owe me a kidney, I have no doubt,” she said in an interview, 2018, after which hired a lawyer to defend their rights.

In November 2018 the woman expressed the hope that as a result doctors will be able to implant her a healthy kidney. Woolley also wished to give its history a lot of publicity to prevent similar incidents in the future.

She advised all patients to undergo a double test for the presence of the disease. “It scares me that a person has no choice when he is in the hospital, he told Woolley then. — He only hopes that he will have needs help.”

Linda Woolley died on Friday, 1 February, eight months after the operation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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