Indian came into a new apartment and found the mummy


Photo: Emmanuel Braun / Reuters

In India, a man walked into a new apartment and found the linen box under my bed mummy. This publication reports the Hindustan times.

Ramvir Singh Rajput (Ramvir Singh Rajput) bought an apartment in the city of Bhopal, state of Madhya Pradesh, in July, but this time was not able to get into it. Former residents were asked to give them time to vacate, but the summer did not go to the link and left him the keys. In the end the Indian had obtained permission for the manufacture of the duplicate key in the workshop.

Sunday, February 3, Rajput first came into the apartment along with several cleaners. During operation, one of them found in a box under the bed mummified body.

Arrived on the scene, the police examined the corpse and concluded that he had been there for about six months. It is not decomposed, but mummified, lying on the mattress and was wrapped in a blanket. It also helped to stop the spread of odor. Due to the long hair of the mummy of police suggested that it was a woman. The body was not found traces of violence.

According to the newspaper Times of India, DNA test showed that the body belonged to the former owner of the apartment the Srivastava Vimla (Vimla Shrivastava). The whereabouts of her son, 32-year-old Emita, who lived with her, is unknown. Neighbors haven’t seen him since June. Relatives claim that the emit was suffering from some mental illness.

CSU is at a loss to name the cause of death of women. She retired early in 2010 and spent a long time in bed, being paralyzed. It is unknown whether she was killed or died of disease.

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