The main Tomsk Forester came under investigation


Michael Malkevitch: video GTRK “Tomsk”

Against the head of the forestry Department of Tomsk region Mikhail Malkevich a criminal case under article 285 “Abuse of office” the criminal code of Russia, informs “MK-Tomsk”.

The forestry Department of the regional administration passed searches and seizure of documents. Operational activities carried out by the staff of Tomsk branches of the FSB and the Investigative Committee.

Investigators suspects the official that acting in the interests of a private company “RTK” which Malkevich was in friendly relations, the chief Forester concluded three government contracts to fight the Siberian silkworm. The total amount of contracts — 258 million rubles. The official, according to the investigation, were aware of the fact that the company “RTK” is not able to independently carry out work according to contract. Therefore, the company has entered into subcontract for the execution of these works with the “Airline “the Phoenix”” at a lower cost.

Thus, the actual difference between the major government contracts and subcontracts amounted to about 28.5 million rubles. As noted by “MK-Tomsk” it just is “banal” 10 percent. Thus, according to the Investigative Committee, this amount to the budget of Tomsk region was damaged. “Airline “the Phoenix”,” previously was registered in the Krasnoyarsk region, where he worked Mikhail Malkevich, — the newspaper notes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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