A new method of cancer treatment


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Scientists of Institute heart and diabetes Baker (Australia) has developed a new method of destroying cancer cells that are difficult to treat. About it reported in a press release on Eurekalert!.

The researchers found that the platelets tend to accumulate in the areas surrounding different types of cancer. Called platelet components of blood, which when activated form a clot at the bleeding site, stopping the blood loss. On the basis of this discovery, scientists developed new compounds that target activated platelets, allowing you to identify cancer cells and treat tumors.

According to experts, the new approach will give the opportunity to develop therapy even difficult to treat tumors (e.g., breast cancer) that do not have specific markers for targeted conventional chemotherapy drugs. It will also help to minimize side effects, because the chemicals will accumulate in high concentrations only in the vicinity of tumors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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