Google stole using fake “Interpreter”


Photo: Valentin Wolf / imageBROKER /

Fraudsters steal user credentials from Google and Facebook, masquerading as Google Translate. The attack was detected by the officer of the cybersecurity organization Akamai Larry Cashdollar (Larry Cashdollar), according to the website of the company.

Attackers posing as employees of Google, send out letters alleging the unauthorized attempt to log in to the account of the victim with a Windows device. For details the user is prompted to click on the link. It leads to the page of Google Translate, which opens a phishing site.

The victim enters in the form of their credentials to Google, and later falls for a fake Facebook page, where you can also asked to enter a username and password.

Cashdollar said that some users may have noticed a fake due to the fact that the phishing site was quite rudely done. He advised users to be vigilant and to analyze the addresses of the pages to which they go.

Previously, researchers in the field of cybersecurity has discovered a group of criminals became rich through “holes” in the mail service Gmail. They received credit for 65 thousand dollars and have filed dozens of applications for benefits.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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