The leader of Radiohead has compared Britain with the Third Reich


Tom Yarkhoto: Danny Moloshok / Reuters

The leader of the band Radiohead Tom York believes that the situation in the UK can be compared to rushing to the precipice the bus with a bunch of screaming passengers. He said this in his Twitter account on Friday, 8 February.

Artist harshly criticized the work of Theresa may as Prime Minister and said that her actions are contrary to the principles of democracy. As noted by the singer, its policy endangers the lives of millions of citizens and making them negotiable.

According to the musician, the troubles and suffering caused to Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union (Brexit), reminiscent of the early days of Nazi Germany. He stressed that such consequences — it is not something that the vote of the British. “Stop this bus now,” asked York to may.

In April 2016, the lead singer of the band The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger expressed positive views about Brexit, explaining that such a move is in the long term will bring many benefits. After a few months, the former drummer of The Beatles Ringo Starr admitted that he too supports the campaign, because, according to him, the EU was a good idea, but turned into a mess.

A referendum on Brexit took place in June 2016. More than half of the participants voted “for”. After that, the Prime Minister David Cameron left his post, he was replaced by Theresa may, who previously held the post of Minister of internal Affairs.

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