The richest man in the world blackmailed intimate photos


Jeff Biosphoto: Cliff Owen / AP

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said that the edition of the National Enquirer was blackmailing him personal photos. As evidence, he cited correspondence with attorney John fine, who represents the interests of American Media, which owns the tabloid, and its head David Pecker. The statement of the businessman, published Bloomberg.

The National Enquirer published a photo of Bezos ex-TV presenter Lauren Sanchez before news of his divorce with his wife Mackenzie. The businessman has considered that this is politics: he owns a newspaper the Washington Post, which regularly criticizes U.S. President Donald trump, while David pecker supports the American leader.

Bezos started an investigation to determine whether the scandal is politically motivated. After that, he received a letter from a fine, in which he stated that the publication will publish a new series of shots, if he did not stop the investigation. The lawyer provided a letter with detailed description of the intimate details captured in the photo.

Fine is demanded to make a public statement about what the original post about my personal life Bezos nothing to do with politics. The billionaire stressed that he will not make false claims out of fear of being exposed. “Instead of succumbing to extortion and blackmail, I decided to publish what they sent me, despite awkward for me personal details,” said Bezos.

In early January it became known that Bezos decided to divorce his wife McKenzie after 25 years of marriage. The cause of the break began his relationship with Lauren Sanchez. Ex-wife Bezos can receive up to half of all property is $ 69 billion, making her the richest woman in the world.

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