Store employees were obliged to spoil unsold bread, dirty water


Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti

The management of the network of stores “Pyaterochka” in Syzran causes employees to throw away the bread five days after release, so he wouldn’t have poor. It is reported by KTV-LUCH with reference to the employees of the network.

According to the interlocutor of the channel, previously expired bread returned to the manufacturer or given to feed livestock. Now the rules have decided to change: bread pour dirty water, or sprinkled with coal and thrown in the trash.

It is noted that to distribute bread to the needy shops can’t because of the CPS.

According to the store employee, “if you eat a loaf of bread for 5 days, it will not become worse”. “You can throw away anything but bread. In Russia at all times it was unacceptable,” he added.

Earlier, on 2 February representatives of the trade network “Pyaterochka” said disposed products with expired date in accordance with the law, after the media reported the Chelyabinsk pensioners lining up around the garbage cans for discarded “late”. The proposal to organize more “convenient” access to the expired products and the creation of her special containers in the network has not commented.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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