The conflict during a children’s hockey match ended in gunfire


Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/ RIA Novosti

During a hockey match between commands “the North Star” and “Dmitrov” (players not older than 2008 year of birth) in Moscow, the father of the player “Dmitrov” shot dad another athlete on the same team. It is reported by “Sport-Express”.

According to the newspaper, between the two men has long existed a conflict over business. Cursing fathers began around the site, and one of them said to another: “Your clock is ticking. I you ordered!” After that, they went to the buffet, where the offended man took a traumatic gun and fired at the opponent.

The bullet passed on a tangent. However the wounded lost a lot of blood, he shook his head bandages and was taken to the hospital. Now to his life threatens nothing. The shooting man surrendered to police and is now in office.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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