Avakov obscenely predicted Ukraine power with low social responsibility


Photo: RIA Novosti

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said about the blatant violations during election campaign of candidates in presidents of the country and described what was happening obscene epithet. About this he wrote in his Facebook.

“Gloomy personality in the pockets with knuckle-dusters and bottles of the green stuff. The car bomb, the battle of the agitators, bribery and counter-bribery. Information warfare and populism race to insanity” — he described regular instances of violations.

The Minister noted that in Krivoy Rog on the way to the rally were detained activist with 10 liters of green fodder and campaign events regularly derive “costumed in camouflage cheap” knives-“Fink”, brass knuckles, firecrackers and gas canisters in his pockets.

“But where is the line, and who determines when, instead of the green stuff poured opponent acid? Who determines that line? Bityug with a tight hat on my eyes?”, — he warned.

According to him, such people not one particular hires the staff, and all participants of the race. “So we don’t get adequate power — we get the power *** (with very low social responsibility — approx. “Ribbon.ru”), at a new stage of hatred, incapable of creation, and are only capable of hatred,” he stressed and urged the candidates to think about the country.

As the channel “112 Ukraine”, yesterday in Kiev detained about 40 people for the attack on a police station. The instigators of the disorder were supporters of the nationalists, previously detained at the rally, one of the candidates. Then late afternoon a few dozen people launched fireworks very close to home Avakov, lit flares and painted his fence.

Presidential elections in Ukraine on 31 March. They registered 44 candidates, which was a record. According to the survey, the current President is not the most popular of them overtake him, Yulia Tymoshenko and comedian Vladimir Zelensky.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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