Venezuelan oil workers moved their accounts in Gazprombank


Photo: Andres Martinez Casares / REUTERS

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA has transferred the Bank accounts of all its joint ventures in the Russian Gazprombank. About it reports Reuters, citing an internal document of the company and the number of sources.

The Agency claims that PDVSA also instructs its joint venture Deposit proceeds from oil sales at the expense of Russia. Simultaneously, the company demanded from the foreign partners (Equinor, Chevron and Total) to answer, whether they will continue participation in the joint venture for the development of the oil belt of the Orinoco river.

In late January, the US imposed sanctions against Venezuela. The foreign accounts of PDVSA, which is accumulated export earnings, blocked, and the work of its American subsidiary Citgo was banned. It can be removed, provided that the income of Citgo will be accumulated in the blocked accounts, access to which is partially received the opposition leader Juan Guido, declared himself President of Venezuela. Russia has not recognized the transfer of power from the legitimate President of the Bolivarian Republic Nicolas Maduro.

February 5 it was reported that Venezuela is experiencing considerable difficulties with the export of crude oil imposed on the U.S. sanctions. The interruptions in the export of several reasons. The main of them — the American sanctions. In this situation, the PDVSA oil accumulates in the vaults.

Gazprombank is under US sanctions from July 2014.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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