A pregnant woman with “too big” belly has become a victim of cyberbullying


Photo: Elisha Bakes

Australian Elisha Bakes (Bakes Elisha) complained of severe harassment on the network, which it faced during pregnancy. As the blogger told the tabloid the Mirror, the trolls had attracted her greatly enlarged belly.

30-year-old woman started to receive offensive comments when he was in the fourth month of pregnancy. Seeing her voluminous belly, the subscribers stated that she made a mistake with the definition of the term either “awaiting the birth of the horse”.

The blogger tried to explain that part of the body seems huge relative to her small stature (160 centimetres). However, the trolls accused her of overeating. Many women in the comments have expressed the hope that they will never have such a huge belly.

Bakes was worried that negative comments and insults is bad for her health. She tried not to pay attention to them.

“I think people have in mind any idea on how should look like a pregnant woman, sometimes from my own experience, so when they see a woman who looks bigger or smaller, they feel the need to comment and throw in my two cents,” said she.

The woman said she got pregnant immediately after I stopped breastfeeding the first child, so it really could be fuller than usual. “No matter what size you are, pregnancy is hard”, she concluded.

Previously a resident of Australia Lisa Bridger (Bridger Lisa) was attacked visitors to the portal Kidspot once told that breastfeeding a seven year old son. Users have suggested that the woman is mentally ill.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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