Became aware of the condition of the victim in Magnitogorsk baby


Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

Thanks to the physicians of Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology named after Leonid Roshal, a small child was found under the rubble after explosion at home in Magnitogorsk, lost his leg and will be able to move independently. The story about this was aired on the TV program “Health” on the First channel.

The mother of 11-month-old boy said that before the explosion, her son crawled, walked around the bed and could move with the support of parents. According to leader Elena Malysheva, despite all fears, he will be able to make their first steps in the future to go.

Baby was under the rubble 35 hours, the temperature outside was minus 27 degrees. When he got out, he was a black leg — a consequence of serious frostbite and fractures. Had the amputation, and the boy was sent to Moscow to a clinic Roshal. During the flight the child was warmed with a special device that evenly blows his body and helped the vessels to recover. Already in hospital it was found that under the rubble he was eating the debris that was falling on his face.

“We have seen in the bowel contrast agent, contacted colleagues from Magnitogorsk. They said that his face was covered with lime, dust, debris, and the swallowing reflex is preserved,” — said the doctor of the research Institute Valery Mitish.

On 7 January, the boy began to breathe, his condition was stable, and doctors shifted her focus to the injured right leg. After a few days it became clear that it was saved, and an amputation is required. Leonid Roshal noted that a portion of this miracle, but without the skill of the doctors it would be impossible.

Now the boy remains in the hospital with my mom. After discharge they return to Magnitogorsk, where the family got a new apartment.

A gas explosion in a residential building in Magnitogorsk took place in the early morning of 31 December that killed 39 people. The rescue operation lasted until 3 January.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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