Convicted for the fatal accident, the priest was a bad prisoner


Ivan Peronospora: Vesti Karelia / YouTube

Priest Ivan Petunias, in a drunken state, has brought down to death the woman on a pedestrian crossing, turned out to be a malicious violator of the regime in the Karelian penal colony where he is serving a four-year term, reports “Interfax”.

He insults the other prisoners, refusing to serve his sentence, ignores the requirements of the administration of IK-9, for which he was four times sent to a punishment cell. While Petunias have expressed a desire to create and lead in the colony of the Orthodox community.

In connection with systematic violations of the internal regulations of correctional institutions and conflict with the other prisoners Karelian office of the Federal penitentiary service appealed to the court and requests the transfer of a priest in the colony. Thus, the convict threatens tougher penalties.

15 June 2016 Petrozavodsk city court found the priest Petunova guilty of violation of traffic rules in a state of intoxication, entailed on imprudence death of the person. He was sentenced to four years in colony-settlement. The court also ruled to recover from the priest’s 500 thousand rubles in favor of each victim. In addition, he is deprived of the driving license and suspended from service.

December 1, 2015 the priest of the temple of St. Panteleimon Petunias, while driving a Skoda Fabia, knocked down 53-the summer woman on a pedestrian crossing in Petrozavodsk. A few minutes before this, the priest also faced two cars, but fled the scene of the accident.

According to traffic police, in the blood Petunova was discovered to 0.77 per Milles of alcohol at admissible norm of 0.16 ppm. The man was taken to police headquarters where he explained that the day before took alcoholic drinks, and the next morning sat behind the wheel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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