Invented by the Russians a flash mob in the cold was dangerous



American doctors warned users of the network from participating in the popular challenge, in which to spill in the cold water. According to CBS, in an attempt to repeat the popular imagery, eight people were hospitalized in Chicago with severe burns.

Patients recorded burns of body and face. The age of the youngest victim — a three-year, senior — 53. Doctors from the burn unit to specify that participants in the challenge were sent the boiling water not in the air and on other people. Some of the victims were bystanders.

Flashmob #tobaccoland was launched by the inhabitants of Siberia and picked up by the Americans under the hashtag #boilingwaterchallenge (“boiling water challenge”). The participants sharply poured in boiling water, which instantly freezes and turns into ice dust. Network users included in the cloud of this dust for a beautiful photo.

Quick freezing of the boiled water in the cold is called the Mpemba effect. The scientist who discovered this phenomenon, I have noticed that hot water can freeze faster than cold.

Earlier, residents of the Russian North picked up a flash mob #frozenpants launched in the USA. The participants lie in the street of freshly laundered clothes and wait until it freeze. Then they “revive” body suits that you can stand upright.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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