Russians and Ukrainians are afraid of a new war


Photo: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

59 percent of Russians and 60 percent of Ukrainians are afraid of new wars in Europe. It follows from the results of the poll Security Radar 2019, commissioned by the organizers of the Munich security conference. The survey data is at the disposal of “Kommersant”.

The survey forms part of research that reflects the security situation and conflicts. It was attended by residents of seven countries: Russia, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Serbia and Ukraine. Respondents answered questions about future and current international crises.

The majority of Russian citizens (64 percent) and Ukraine (63%) agree that the conflict in Ukraine is exclusively an internal affair of the country, and the country must deal with this on their own without the interference of other countries. Half of Russians oppose sending peacekeepers to Ukraine, while half of the Ukrainians, on the contrary, supports this tactic.

Most of the controversy was provoked by the question of toughening anti-Russian sanctions. Against this voted most Russians and Serbs, 75 percent of Germans, 59 per cent of Latvia’s residents and 43 percent of the French. The strengthening of restrictive measures against Russia, supported the Ukrainians (66%) and poles (62 per cent).

The Munich security conference will be held 15-17 February. The event will be attended by over 40 heads of States and governments, as well as about a hundred Ministers. Policy will discuss the situation in the EU, and transatlantic cooperation “the possible consequences of a new era of rivalry of great powers” — the US, China and Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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