The dog brought the owner out of the coma


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In the UK dog helped bring the host out of the coma and became a therapy dog. This publication reports the Metro.

In 2016, the 65-year-old Andy Szasz (Szasz has Andy) was in intensive care hospital of the city of Southampton, Hampshire. The man was suffering from acute pneumonia, which developed after chemotherapy, and doctors placed him in an artificial coma.

When the crisis of the disease had passed, the doctor was allowed to put to the house pet of men, a cross between a poodle and a Schnauzer named Teddy. Hearing the barking of a dog, CAC woke up three days earlier than planned by the doctors.

The affected doctors have allowed Teddy to regularly visit the host. In the end, the man was discharged less than a week. “Ted is a wonderful dog. He’s smart, gentle, loyal, cheerful, and yet it has character. He literally stole my heart at first sight” — described pet British. He added that at the time, took a dog from a shelter. “I always tell people that I saved Ted, and he is me,” said SAS.

In 2017, the dog received a special award from the Royal society for the protection of animals in London. Soon after that SAS gave Teddy to courses therapeutic dogs. In November 2018 the dog has completed the training and from the end of the same year, working in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes across the country. According to his owner, Teddy’s smile not only patients but also doctors, nurses, and hospital visitors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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