The guy confused the thermometer with a pregnancy test, and became a laughing stock


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A California resident of Costa Mesa (Costa Mesa) Isaac Torres (Torres Izaak) messed up the thermometer and pregnancy test, considering that his girlfriend is expecting a child. His mistake amused the users in the network. Post correspondence pairs published girl Torres in his Twitter account.

The girl sent a surprised message with a photo of the thermometer, and then fell asleep. The thermometer showed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius — approx. “Of the”). Torres thought that his girlfriend is expecting a child, and began to print the goggles of the Epistles. The guy admitted that he realized his mistake “some time” and felt stupid.

Users were surprised and amused the guy suffered prolonged anxiety. One commenter under the name robindabank suggested that Torres thought, a hundred degrees is “one hundred percent pregnant.”

The user under the name J. Pacheco chided a guy for mistakes in spelling. Commentator Chad Harper reminded her that the guy “thought the thermometer was a pregnancy test, so the last thing would be worth to expect is the correct spelling of words”.

In the comments there were other girls whose guys messed up a pregnancy test with a thermometer. Another user under the name Kanjo suggested in such cases is “pills of birth control like candy M&Ms”.

Post scored a few days more than 31 thousand retweets and more than 174 thousand likes.

Earlier in February 2019 bride from New Zealand decided to make a joke and made the invitation for a friend’s wedding a home pregnancy test. The network did not appreciate the act of a girl, cursed and prestigiu the bride.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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