The pilots distributed pornographic images and racist messages spared


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British Airways has temporarily suspended five pilots from working for racist insults to colleagues. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The charges of racism brought by a former pilot of the company’s 46-year-old Manish Patel. According to him, colleagues have repeatedly subjected him to verbal abuse, sent e-mails with racist remarks and released inappropriate jokes about his work.

Representatives of the company began an immediate investigation after they were informed that the senior pilot repeatedly used the word “nigger” to his colleagues, another pilot sent him pictures of men who had sexual intercourse with a chicken, and the rest of the staff spread shots minstrel show.

In the messages of one of the accused commanders of the aircraft, Brendan O’neill has already found confirmation in the words of Patel. He immediately left his position with the company and apologized.

Also the post had to go out and Russell Williams, sending pornographic images of animals. Another pilot involved in the sending of frames, the minstrel show, was suspended for two years with the possibility of subsequent recovery.

In November 2018 Republic Airline flight attendants insulted a black physician who tried to provide medical assistance to passenger on Board aircraft. Doctor Massachusetts General hospital and a teacher at Harvard medical school Fatima Cody Stanford tried to help her neighbor across the chair when the convulsions began, but the flight attendants questioned her competence and began to find fault with the woman.

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