The Russian housing and communal services worker stood in a puddle and said the lack of puddles around


Frame: Current Bryansk

The representative utilities of the village of Suzemka (Bryansk oblast) Naham told him about the unmade roads to the local resident and nearly crushed her car, according to “Bryansk street”.

According to the publication, the villagers appealed to the head suzemskogo administration with a complaint against untreated roads of the village. Because the roads are covered with snow the students have to get to school on the roadway, the snow which melted and turned into a deep puddle. The head of the administration sent to solve the problem of the representative utilities.

Judging by the videos posted by witnesses on the YouTube channel, public utilities, labor was parked on the Opel Antara, refused to listen about the problem of the dangers of roads for children. “What puddle? Go sober up first, and then look for puddles,” said he, returning in a deep puddle in the car. When he left, he almost ran over a local resident.

Earlier in St. Petersburg in the case of death of the student himiko-pharmaceutical University from falling ice from the roof of the University were detained the rector of the institution. According to preliminary data, the man was supposed to control the state of the roof of the University and its treatment, but received a bribe in the amount of not less than 50 thousand rubles, and the work properly was not implemented. As a result, two students fell frost. The fifth-year Babyrbek Ochilov died. His friend with multiple injuries was taken to hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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