Venezuela for years to hide the oil and gas revenues in the Russian Bank


Photo: Isaac Urrutia / Reuters

The Minister of oil of Venezuela, Manuel Quevedo said that the state oil company PDVSA opened an account in a Russian Bank many years ago, reports TASS.

He did not elaborate on what Bank it is. At the same time, according to Reuters, PDVSA transfers Bank accounts of all its joint ventures (JV) in Gazprombank. In most credit organizations this information previously denied.

Referring to a “service document”, the Agency noted that the transfer of accounts due to us sanctions against Venezuela. In addition, according to Reuters, PDVSA instructs its SP to transfer oil and gas revenues on new accounts in a Russian Bank.

February 5 it was reported that Venezuela is experiencing considerable difficulties with the export of crude oil imposed on the U.S. sanctions. The interruptions in the export of several reasons. The main of them — the American sanctions. In this situation, the PDVSA oil accumulates in the vaults.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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