A Russian court has allowed the dogs to bite the intruders


Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

In the Arkhangelsk regional court upheld the dog attack the intruder. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The incident occurred in one of the communal apartments in which they live divorced spouses, their common children and dog. When the man entered the room of his ex-wife and walked over to the crib, his hand grabbed the dog guarding the baby.

The owner of the room told a different version of what happened. According to the woman, her ex-husband was drunk, broke the door and wanted to Wake the baby, and when he was attacked by a dog, he tried to strangle the animal.

Animals bitten by the former spouse sued, demanding to pay more than 100 thousand rubles in compensation for moral damage. The claim was denied. The court explained that the dog owner needs to provide security to others only in public places. People who without permission was trespassing on private property, these rules do not apply.

“Knowing that the defendant has a dog, however on their own, without notifying the defendant, entered her room, what provoked the dog attack” — said in court.

In December last year it was reported that the resident of Penza who was mauled by stray dogs has filed a lawsuit against the city Department of housing, utilities and won the case. The man was injured Shin and was forced to cancel an overseas trip because of the course of treatment for rabies. As compensation he demanded that the public utilities 600 thousand rubles, but the court reduced the amount to 50 thousand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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