An elderly Chechen woman publicly apologized for the complaint


Frame: the TV channel “Grozny”

A resident of the Naur district of Chechnya, Malida Mageramova made a public apology on air of TV channel “Grozny” for having complained to the local authorities on the eviction from the hostel. On Tuesday, February 12, writes the “Caucasian knot”.

The story was featured in the evening news. According to the channel, Mageramova lived the Dorm in 2011, but was deprived of the room by the court. Exactly when and in what context was this decision taken is not specified.

Broadcast was shown the recording, filmed on a mobile phone in which the woman turns to the authorities. “The room I was evicted two weeks sitting in the corridor,” she said.

Mageramova along with three older children (of eight) is invited to meet the Deputy mayor of Grozny, Shamil Charm. “You say that like you showed the injustice that you had no one. You have eight children,” he said, having reproached the sons of women in the lack of attention to his mother.

One of the young men replied that he did not know, in what position is the mother, and promised to take care of her. After a conversation with the officer Mageramova publicly apologized for his message. “Please forgive me. I regret,” she said.

The practice of public punishment and repentance common in Chechnya, said earlier the “Caucasian knot”. The inhabitants of the Republic have repeatedly brought to the authorities apologize on TV for indiscretions or resonant accidents involving one or more persons.

So, in January the residents of Dagestan appreciated the posted video public punishment of three young men, confessed to the vandalism. The post caused a strong reaction in the network, collecting the day nearly 100 thousand views users recognized the measures taken effective and complained that on the record is not visible persons of the guilty.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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