Appeared in Latvia the Latvian word for craft beer


Photo: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

The state language centre of Latvia has come up with a word for craft beer. About it reports Delfi.

The Commission of experts of the Latvian language has opposed the use of English in Latvia the term craft beer. Now such products are advised to call the arodalus (from arods words — “the occupation, profession,” and alus “beer”).

In June 2017, the language Centre has responded to the growing popularity of toy spinners and made a statement, that in the Latvian language has no such word. The centre’s experts have come up with for these toys adapted to the Latvian language the name virpināmais (“Twister”) or grozāmgrābslis (“spinning rattle”).

The state language centre of Latvia was founded in 1992. The functions of the centre to check compliance with normative legal acts in the sphere of the state language and the imposition of administrative penalties for violations. In addition, the language inspectors of the Centre can file a lawsuit for the dismissal of the official, “do not speak the Latvian language to the extent necessary for operation”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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