Described the fate of “rasslabuha bread” in the “Zenith”


Anton Zabolotnyi: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

Midfielder Petersburg “Zenith” Anton Zabolotny told, what happens to the players, who after going to the club “bread relax”. Words athlete leads “CHempionata”.

Forward to speculate about what the players coming to a big club from a small team, constantly waiting for errors. “Anyone would like to be in your shoes and play in the best club of Russia,” said Zabolotny. According to him, from players who do not make proper effort to get rid of. “In the next transfer window vzhuh — and you don’t,” said the striker.

Zabolotny plays for Zenit in the winter of 2018. For his transfer to the Russian club paid the now existing “Tosno” of EUR 1.5 million. In the current season he has played 11 matches in the championship of Russia and has not scored a single goal.

The striker was in the extended list of players who hit in the national team of Russia in the world Championships at home, but in the end was out of order. After the world Cup, he returned to the team just on account of his one goal in 12 matches in the shirt of national team.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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