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Boris Kerimbaev: Wikipedia

A veteran of the war in Afghanistan, retired Colonel Boris kerimbayev, known as Kara major (Black major, or major Ivan) died in Kazakhstan. On Tuesday, February 12, the head of the Kazakhstan Union of veterans “Combat brotherhood” Sergey Pashevich said Tengrinews.

As noted, the 71-year-old Kerimbaev died in military clinical hospital after a long illness. On the eve Kerimbaeva in the hospital was visited by the head of the defense Ministry of Kazakhstan Nurlan Yermekbayev, who handed him a badge of merit of the military intelligence of the Republic “Altyn uki” (“Golden owl”).

Boris kerimbayev was born 12 January 1948 in the village Prudki (Dzhambul district of Almaty region). After leaving school he entered Tashkent higher command school named after Lenin. Then kerimbayeva was sent to serve in the group of Soviet forces in Germany, then was transferred to command the reconnaissance in the Central Asian military district.

During the war in Afghanistan Kerimbaev led the second “Muslim” battalion. Major Kara called him the personnel for the dark face. In late 1982, 177th squad Kerimbaeva took the Panjshir valley, cutting off almost a year any movement of the group of forces of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

After that, Masuda promised the head Kerimbaeva a million dollars, but in the end was forced to go to a temporary truce. It turned into a cessation of hostilities groupings Ahmad Shah Massoud against Soviet troops. In 1992 Kerimbaev for health reasons resigned in the rank of Colonel.

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