Flight to Mars cancelled


The frame: the film “the Martian”

The company Mars One Ventures, a business unit of private Mars One project to establish a permanent colony on Mars, is declared bankrupt. This publication reports Engadget.

According to the decision of the civil court of the city of Basel (Switzerland), Mars One Ventures was recognized as insolvent on 15 January 2019. According to Bass Lansdorp (Bas Lansdorp), one of the leaders of the project, although unit non-profit Mars One Foundation officially continues to operate, the lack of investment makes the implementation of the tasks impossible. The lansdorp declined to give detailed comments on Engadget, but said that working on a proper solution of the problem.

Mars One consists of two divisions — the commercial Mars One Ventures in Switzerland, with rights for television broadcasting, and non-profit Mars One Foundation, based in the Netherlands and managing the entire project. It was expected that the project will receive funding at the expense of showing a reality show about the colonists on Mars. The project was carried out selection of candidates for the colonists of hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world and filmed a documentary about them.

From other similar projects, Mars One is different in that, according to the plan, the colonists were not supposed to return to Earth and stayed on Mars. All work on the development of manned spacecraft, life support systems, accommodation modules and delivery were transferred to subcontractors. It was expected that the landing of the first humans to the red planet will take place in 2027. However, Mars One has been criticized by scientists and experts, which called into question the technical feasibility of the project.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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