Found the bodies of missing women to the dog gave money


Photo: page Missing in Mendoza Facebook

In Argentina, German shepherd, received more than a thousand dollars for the discovery of the bodies of the missing tourists from Israel. This publication reports The Times of Israel. The money will go to the development of the kennel club.

Relatives of 54-year-old Professor of Microbiology Lily Pereg (Lily Pereg) and her sister, 63-year-old Piria Sarusi (Pyrhia Sarusi), could not connect with them on January 12. Police began their search, but to find the bodies of the women managed the German shepherd the Hand of one of the local kennel clubs.

The remains of women found buried under debris and rubble in the house of the son Sarusi Perego Gil (Gil Pereg) in the province of Mendoza.

On Friday, February 8, Hand, and her trainer-handler Eileen Castro (Ayelen Castro) were awarded 1.3 million dollars (85,4 thousand) from the local Jewish community. Castro also gave a personal monetary reward. Such was the will of the relatives of the dead women.

Body of Israeli women sent home in early February. In Argentina, Gil Pereg taken into custody for the murder of his mother and aunt.

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