Latvian army wanted to shoot in Latvia


Photo: Ints Kalnins / Reuters

The government of Latvia on Tuesday, February 12, will consider amendments to the law allowing the country’s armed forces to use live ammunition during exercises, which take place outside military facilities. About it reports Delfi.

The army proposes to allow shooting in any territory if they were pre-coordinated with the land owner where you will be teaching. Their proposals to the Ministry of defence of Latvia argues “changed after the Ukrainian events of 2014 understanding about security.”

In the explanatory note to the draft law, the representatives of the army note that in Latvia resumed the training of reserve soldiers and has increased the intensity of the educational process in the armed forces. The existing military sites do not have enough to meet current needs for firing, including live ammunition.

The average in Latvia is annually held 38 exercises. Still, if they were held outside military installations, the use of live ammunition is prohibited.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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