New replacement cigarette acknowledged dangerous


Photo: David Mercado / Reuters

Scientists from Australia and India found that heating tobacco is also toxic to the cells of the lungs like regular cigarettes. The authors, who published in the journal ERJ Open Research.

The researchers tested the heating system Iqos tobacco, as well as conventional and electronic cigarettes on two types of cells of the human respiratory system — bronchial epithelial and smooth muscle cells. Epithelial cells provide a first line of defense against foreign particles entering the respiratory tract, and smooth muscle support the functioning of the lungs. Tissue culture have been exposed to tobacco smoke, vapor from e-cigarettes and aerosol from heating tobacco.

It turned out that cigarette smoke and aerosol from the heating system so that tobacco is toxic to the lungs, killing the cells even at low concentrations, and the steam from wapow exhibits toxic properties only at sufficiently high concentrations.

Thus, the use of systems of heating of tobacco increases the risk of developing serious diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia and cancer.

In systems of heating of tobacco (eng. heat-not-burn tobacco product, HNB) does not occur combustion content, because the device keeps the temperature below that which is used for Smoking conventional cigarettes. Iqos, Glo and other similar systems emit a smoke that contains nicotine and other chemicals. It is assumed that no combustion process is not leads to the release of carcinogens generated by burning tobacco, although a number of studies have shown that it is not.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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