Roskosmos refused to recognize the superiority of the engine Mask


Photo: press-service of Roscosmos

“Roskosmos” I believe that the characteristics developed by SpaceX Raptor engine are not something outstanding. This was stated by chief designer of NPO Energomash, the developer and manufacturer of the famous family engines RD-180 Peter Liovochkin.

He noted that the company Ilona Mask creates a Raptor on the components of oxygen and methane, or as is customary in the Russian classification scheme “gas-gas”. “In this kind of schemes this level of pressure in the combustion chamber is not something outstanding – in their designs for these schemes, we are laying the pressure level in the chamber is more than 300 atmospheres,” said Lyovochkin.

The designer also noted that the setting pressure in the cell is not the output characteristic of the engine, such as thrust and specific impulse. According to Levochkina, Musk, without being too technical, does not consider that the RD-180 engine for rocket vehicle Atlas will use a completely different fuel scheme – “oxygen-kerosene”, and that other parameters of engine operation. “It’s like comparing diesel and gasoline internal combustion engine. But if you consider that “Energomash” has certified the engine with a 10 percent margin, the pressure in the combustion chamber of the RD-180 is higher than 280 atmospheres”, – said Liovochkin.

Earlier February 11, Elon Musk showed the test results of the Raptor engine. The level of pressure in the combustion chamber of the unit was better than the Russian RD-180, said the businessman. “Raptor reached 268,9 bar on today’s tests, thereby breaking the previous record set amazing Russian RD-180 engine,” wrote Musk.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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