Russian begging under the guise of a single mother


Photo: Shutterstock

In the Omsk trial for fraud brought by the Russians, pretending to be a single mother, said “Superock”.

The accused pleaded guilty to the crime and to partially compensate the damage caused.

According to investigators, he started the account in social networks under the name of Milan, became acquainted with the men, told them of his poverty and difficulties associated with raising a young child alone.

Then the accused asked the interlocutors money, promising to return in the future. Funds transferred him to a Bank card. In October and November last year, a man “earned” in this way 46,5 thousand rubles.

In April 2018, a seven-year sentence was received by a Petersburger Sergey Gudz, who begged for a loan from three familiar women more than 16 million rubles allegedly for the treatment of critically ill son. Gudz also tried to sell fake documents in the apartment and thus deprive their child of a single housing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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