Russian scientists have proposed to restrict exit from the country


Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

A young Russian scientist, whose specialty is in demand in other countries, it is necessary to restrict the free emigration to reduce the outflow “talented youth” abroad. This initiative was made by the Soviet and Russian scientist, biochemist and molecular biologist Georgi Georgiev in the material published in the newspaper “Search”.

According to the academician of the RAS, is free higher education should be introduce so-called credit. In this format, the state will continue to cover all student expenses for training, but at the end he will have at least 15 years in the Russian science. Then the loan will automatically be liquidated, otherwise the scientist will be obliged to return it in full.

Unlimited right to emigrate freely will to only those who paid the full tuition and received no scholarship.

The scientist stressed that this innovation should relate only to the rapidly developing areas of science, such as molecular and cell biology, information technology, many branches of physics.

As other methods to combat the outflow of young scientists from the country Georgiev also offers higher salaries in this field, the establishment of funds for the financial support of science, grant interest-free loans to buy housing, as well as the formation of a special expert body for issues in this area.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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