Shootout participant in “Moscow-city” proved innocent


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The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) closed the criminal prosecution of the employee Regardie and his two companions-involved shooting on the birthday celebration of a reputable businessman Dmitry Pavlov 17 November 2017 in “Moscow-city”. On Tuesday, February 12, writes “Kommersant”.

The case against the commando of Regardie Dmitry Jakobson, guard Kirill Titarenko and his colleagues Platon Kaidy, who died from wounds closed in connection with absence of structure of a crime. Their actions were no signs of hooliganism and illegal possession of weapons. At the moment the decision to dismiss is the Prosecutor’s office, which must approve it.

Lawyer Anton Gostev, protecting the interests of Jacobson, believes that the closure of the case not connected with the decision to resign from the TFR group of investigators, including Levon Aghajanian, who was involved in the first time. The lawyer believes that the reasons for the resignation are rooted in the internal situation in the Department.

8 February, “Kommersant” reported on the collective application of the seven investigators of the Moscow Department of the TFR of resignation at own will. They decided to leave the service after the resignation of their boss — the head of the first Directorate for investigation of particularly important cases of Dmitry Pavlov and his Deputy.

The statement has not been signed yet, therefore not set up correctly: employees can’t resign collectively.

The Central office of the TFR versed in the situation in the Moscow office.

The investigator Levon Aghajanian in August 2018, was charged with disorderly conduct commandos Jacobson, who stayed in the hospital after wounds received in the shootout. He refused to plead guilty and to testify, citing poor health.

Position of the investigation has changed dramatically: earlier in the case were arrested by the guards of a former shareholder of the company “Vimm-the bill-Dann” Gabriel Jushvaeva — Magomed Ismailov Eldar Hamidov, which is believed to be in the UK, provoked a gunfight with the bodyguards of the birthday Pavlova, among whom were Jacobson, Titarenko and Koidu.

The conflict has flashed from-for incorrectly parked Mercedes. In the shootout, was arrested more than 30 people, 10 have sought medical help.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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