The guy tried to sell kisses and walk with me and became a star network


Peter WildingФото: Peter Wilding page in Facebook

A resident of New Zealand named Peter Wilding (Peter Wilding) offered in the community ads on Facebook your services as a companion for the night. The ads, timed for Valentine’s Day, noted tabloid the Mirror.

“Rent me for Valentine’s Day. I offer different packages of services. Prices are negotiable,” said Wilding. The minimum cost of Dating was 15 dollars (about a thousand rubles). This “basic package” includes one hour companionship.

In the middle price category Wilding suggested several scenarios: walking, visiting cafes and taking pictures for Facebook. For additional services he was supposed payout. Kiss the guy estimated at $ 15, the game with younger sisters or brothers companion — $ 10.

The most expensive lot was a package deal for $ 150 (almost 10 thousand). In the price included dinner, a romantic night camping in the car, kisses and hugs.

Wilding noticed that all the services are available only for girls 22-36 years. “Don’t be offended if I say no, if you are too old or young for me,” he warned. In the final he noticed that he considers the offer to go on a blind date a good idea, and is always willing to give a discount.

The publication received several hundred responses and many comments. Members of the community called the act guy is incredibly witty and have noticed that this is the best ad in the history of the band.

“What a pity that I get to “old category”,” joke said user Amy masters (masters Masters). “I love people with a sense of humor, unfortunately, I’m too old to accept your offer,” he supported her other visitor to the message boards. Some girls really wanted to meet the author of the post.

The male part of the followers cheered Wilding. “What a cool idea, well done, mate. Hope you get a date. Creative approach, I must say!” — I admired his resourcefulness Odering Lirik (Lyric Odering).

Previously, netizens have condemned the British, who demanded a companion with the money for her drink, drunk during a visit at the bar. The man told the girl that the meeting did not like him, and put her through.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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