The Koreans demanded an apology from the Emperor and insulted the Japanese


Yoshihide, Sugamoto: Shizuo Kambayashi / AP

Japanese diplomats expressed strong protest in connection with the statements of the representatives of South Korea that Emperor Akihito should apologize to the Korean women for their sexual exploitation during the occupation during the reign of his father. About it reports Reuters.

The chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshihide Suga demanded that South Korea apologize for “highly unacceptable” statements to the Japanese Emperor. He called the words of the Korean representative “extremely regrettable” and stressed that he should take them back.

This reaction is caused the words of the speaker of the Parliament of South Korea moon Hee Sana, who, in an interview with Bloomberg on 8 February said that the Emperor of Japan Akihito should meet with the Korean women that the Japanese exploited as sex slaves during the occupation, to take their hand and apologize to them “as the son of the main perpetrator of the war crimes” of Emperor Hirohito.

85-year-old Akihito is going to abdicate in favor of his son on 30 April 2019. In August 2018, he said, “feels deep remorse” for Japan’s actions during world war II.

Japan occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945. During this time hundreds of thousands of Koreans were forced into slave labor in Japanese enterprises, and women, including minors and married, were forced to work in brothels for Japanese soldiers.

In 1965 the countries signed a truce, under which Japan paid more than $ 800 million in reparations, but the Korean side considered it insufficient. The Koreans, who were forced to work on Japan, now suing in international courts with claims for compensation for work.

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