The return of the children of terrorists on the home was estimated at $ 400


Photo: Khalid Al Mousily / Reuters

Tajik authorities are ready to repatriate children of citizens of Tajikistan who are in Iraqi prisons on charges of terrorist activities. This is the Agency Avesta.

Women prisoners received agreement on the repatriation of 75 children. For the return each of them to the government of Tajikistan will pay $ 400. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Tajikistan Sirojiddin of Muhriddin, the process is complicated by the fact that, in order for children to obtain the consent of the head of the family and the husbands of many Tajik women were killed in the fighting against the Iraqi army on the side of “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

Dushanbe is working on the return of the women themselves, but muhriddin reminded that to achieve this will not be easy: “This process will be long and difficult. Moreover, the Iraqi courts sentenced some citizens of Tajikistan to death and some to life in prison”.

According to Tajik authorities, in the area of fighting in Syria and Iraq currently is more than 250 Tajik children. A recent report of the government of Tajikistan submitted to the Directorate for refugees of the UN, it was reported that in conflict areas are 234 families, or about 840 people from Tajikistan. Among them 309 men, 279 women, 110 girls and 142 boys.

According to the interior Ministry of the Republic, from the beginning of 2018 in Tajikistan have voluntarily returned 163 repentant member of the terrorist groups. Some immigrated with their families.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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