Chechen authorities announced gay attack


Alvi, Carimonte: said tsarnaev / RIA Novosti

The prosecution in the arrest and torture of homosexuals in Chechnya is “information gay attack”. This statement was made by press Secretary of the head of Republic Alvi Karimov, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda. North Caucasus”.

“The authors of such statements in the absence of shame and conscience has passed all bounds,” said Karimov. “I declare that in Chechnya there is no case of arrest on these grounds. Law enforcement agencies, human rights activists and journalists, including foreign ones, have repeatedly checked the messages and found them no confirmation,” he concluded.

This reaction from the Chechen authorities followed a statement by the Director of programs “Russian LGBT network” Igor Kochetkov. He told me that in December 2018 Chechen security forces held captured in the Republic of gays and lesbians in police departments and in the Argun ROVD of Factory area of Grozny. According to Kochetkov, men and women were beaten and raped with a stun batons.

In the same month it became known about death of two residents of Chechnya Shoto-Shamil Akayev and Ayub Ibragimova, who were detained during the campaign against the Chechen homosexuals and sent to “prison gay”. From the Protocol of inspection bodies, it follows that men were shot in the head at close range, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”. According to official data of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs, the Chechens were shot dead while trying to attack police officers, said the publication

About the mass persecution of gays in Chechnya for the first time, told “Novaya Gazeta” in April 2017. The publication wrote about the hundreds of detainees who were placed in “secret prisons” were beaten, tortured with electric shocks and forced to name names of friends of homosexuals.

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