Disclosed is a method of stealing money from lonely people


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Scam of cybercriminal groups, “the scarlet widow” extorted from users huge amounts of money, joining with them in a romantic virtual relationship. About based in Nigeria organizations reported employees of the company Agari.

Criminals have created social networks and on Dating sites fake accounts with fictional names and biographies. As the photos of profiles they used real pictures of attractive people.

After establishing a “relationship” scams told victims about the difficulties and requested financial assistance. Typically, funds are needed supposedly for tickets, trips or accommodation. If the victim ever transferred money, the criminals continued to correspond, requiring them constantly.

As an example, employees Agari has led residents of Texas, who has sent his sweetheart named Laura Cahill (Laura Cahill) about 50 thousand dollars (3.3 million rubles). When he first refused to help, the crooks ended the correspondence. Man in love was forced to steal 10 thousand dollars from his father in order to talk with Cahill.

Researchers in the field of cybersecurity followed the criminals from 2017. During this time, their victims were mostly divorced people, the elderly, farmers or people with disabilities. Scammers often use thematic Dating sites for divorced or ex-military.

Earlier, a group of criminals spread known GandCrab in a phishing e-newsletter. The letter was disguised as a payment notification.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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