Polygamist had made a secret marriage and extorted money from women


Photo: Franklin County Jail

In the United States arrested a polygamist who had at least four wives, who did not know about each other. About it writes The Washington Post.

In 2013, Alicia Grant (Alicia Grant) from the American city of Exeter, new Hampshire, married a native of Maine Michael Middleton (Michael Middleton). At his request, the woman gave him a new car, clothes, computer and a variety of expensive gadgets. She later learned that her husband donated the purchase to the store and took the money.

Few weeks after the wedding, Middleton beat Grant and got the police. When he was released, he disappeared. By the time the man managed to extort from his wife about 20 thousand dollars (1.3 million rubles).

Grant a few years was wanted fugitive husband to obtain a divorce, and found that was not the only wife of Middleton. She reported his discovery to law enforcement authorities, then the investigation of the exploits of polygamist came from the police. Soon in Alabama and Georgia were another two women who entered into marriage with him.

Relatives of the fourth wife asked the police, when I read an interview with Grant in Newsweek. As it turned out, in 2016 Middleton met in Facebook with the 25-year-old Ashley Clymer (Ashley Climer). A month later they were married. The next three years the Clymer and Middleton traveling the country and living in cheap motels. In 2017 they had a child they gave up for adoption in Missouri.

Tip relative Clymer helped the police to find and arrest the Middleton’s in Columbus, Ohio. He is accused of bigamy. In addition, his name has outstanding arrest warrant in connection with domestic violence in the state of new Hampshire, and several unexecuted orders in respect of domestic violence, violating a restraining order and driving while intoxicated and without a license in Maine.

In 2018, it was reported about the three girls from the Chinese city of Nanning, which found that seeing the same man. He used different names and under fraudulent pretexts borrowed large sums of money.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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