Russia has accused the U.S. of “racketeering attacks”


Dmitry Pascutto: Vitaly Nevar / TASS

The government has taken effective measures to protect against the various “gangster attacks” in the US, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. His words leads TASS on Thursday, February 14.

Peskov did not elaborate on what specific measures are at issue.

The impending anti-Russian sanctions Kremlin spokesman called a manifestation of rabid Russophobia. According to him, attempts by U.S. lawmakers to impose restrictions against Russian energy and banks bordering on racketeering.

Sands also expressed the view that there is no reason to hope for improved relations between the two countries.

The group of US senators introduced a bill on additional sanctions against Russia. New package of restrictive measures was a response to “Russian interference in the functioning of democratic institutions abroad.” The sanctions hit banks, which allegedly are involved in this process.

First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov said about the readiness of Russian economy to new limits. He also noted that U.S. sanctions hit by the aliens.

The Russian foreign Ministry, in turn, refused to take the new sanctions seriously.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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