The cause of the infection cadets parasites called nasvai


Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Cadets of the Suvorov military school in Ulyanovsk (PSWU) could be infected with echinococcosis, liquid nasvai — tobacco product, composed of the excrement of animals. On Thursday, February 14, according to “Izvestia”.

According to journalists close to the investigation, version of infection using nasvay is a priority. “If the composition of nasvai is part of a litter, it could cause the contamination”, — commented on this information a source in medical circles.

The foci of infection detected in the lungs not only the students, but also in other organs — liver, pancreas, brain, eyes and spleen. According to the mother of one of the Teens, the part of the victims will have to operate.14 February in Krasnogorskiy the hospital where 33 of the graduate school, expect new patients from Ulyanovsk.

In addition, the hydatid disease in the hospital of the defense Ministry to test some of the graduates of the same school who graduated in 2018. The father of one of them, Andrei Shulga said that the number of infected graduates is increasing. According to him, “one of the cadets found the lesion in the head, waiting for his craniotomy”.

According to the source, from the management of military educational institutions of the country demanded to check the state of health of the personnel of students and staff.

Trade nasvay in Russia is prohibited. The birthplace of the mixture is Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. For its production using chicken manure or camel dung, which are mixed with the tobacco dust or dried leaves of the plant and other ingredients. The excrements cannot be thermally processed, which opens a direct path for infection.

On 3 February it was reported that echinococcosis was diagnosed in 26 of our pupils, two officers and an employee kitchen. The mother of one of cadets told that the source or focus of infection is still not found. Later it was reported that the infection came from the animals.

Echinococcosis affects the lungs, liver, and other organs and tissues, which then formed a parasitic cyst.

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