The de-Russification of Latvian schools will check on the legality


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The constitutional court of Latvia will consider the claim of deputies of the diet from “Consent” about the legitimacy of the language reform in the country. About it reports Delfi.

The plaintiffs believe that reform is in contravention of articles 91, 112 and 114 of Constitution of Latvia. They argue that reform can be a tool of forced assimilation and violates the right of national minorities to preserve their identity.

“A bilingual system of education in minority schools has proved effective. The current system ensures the achievement of stated objectives — inclusion of the graduates of these schools in society. They speak the state language at the level allowing to continue studies and to be competitive in the labor market”, — said Deputy Boris Tsilevich, representing in court the interests of the plaintiffs.

“Students, for whom Latvian is not the native language are put at a disadvantage — that is, discriminated. In Latvia will exist in schools with Latvian language training for Latvian children and schools with Latvian as the language of instruction for children from families of national minorities. This is the true segregation in education” — said Tsilevich.

In October 2018, the Minister of education of Latvia Karlis Sadurskis “said” that the reform of education in the country assumed a radical reduction in teaching in schools in the Russian language. In particular, high school students will be fully transferred to study in the state language.

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