Ex-wife of the Russian Deputy stated “rogue” in their place


www.vsyako.netIlona, Stiletto: @ilonastolie

Actress and ex-wife of a millionaire and a state Duma Deputy Vitaly Yuzhilin Ilona Stolie said that “a rogue has no place in expensive restaurants.” Her statement was published on Twitter by the TV channel “Moscow 24”.

Stole felt that the entrance to some restaurants must be restricted. “Callous as it may sound, but in the elite institutions of the rogue is not the place. People should have the right to relax for their money, not to contemplate the cattle,” concluded the 37-year-old actress.

Social media users reacted very negatively to the statement Stole.

“We need to send to public works, you see, the brain will increase,” the angry ones.

“So did you eat your caviar,” the other taunted.

“It would be a bitch to Stalin’s camps” — outraged others.

Stole later deleted the post from social networks.

In January, the daughter of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth Peskov condemned groomed women and bodypositive movement. According to the girls, pimples and cellulite is a sign of an unhealthy skin, and proud of it impossible. The girl advised people with such problems to eat right and going to the gym.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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