Mexican over 18 years spent in jail for a fake murder


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Inter-American court of human rights has acquitted of the Mexican, who has more than 18 years in prison on false charges of murder. According to the information portal Ecuavisa, his “victim” is alive and well.

In 2000, Manuel Herman Ramirez Valdovinos (Manuel Germán Ramírez Valdovinos) worked as a music teacher in the town Texapon, state of Mexico. On may 26, when he and his wife celebrated the month after the child’s birth, broke into the house a squad of eight commandos. They beat a man, bound him in handcuffs and transported to the site. Their car was clean, also they had no arrest warrant. 22-year-old Valdovinos chained to a pipe, tortured with electric shocks and demanded to confess to a crime he did not commit.

Valdovinos charged with the murder of a friend, Manuel Martinez Elizalde (Manuel Martínez Elizalde). The music teacher several times helped him with money, knowing about the plight of the family of Mexican. Valdovinos claims that I saw in the plot of the father to Elizalde and heard him remark: “No, not this, he is the son of my friend, I’ll be in trouble”. In response, police said that would deal with the situation to the Prosecutor.

The Mexican claims that the arresting his men did it for my father who was killed for 150 thousand dollars. Later he contacted the insurance company and received a million dollars for the death of his son. However, the prisoner and his wife claim that Elizalde died, and moved to the US and there changed his appearance and name. According to them, the “dead” regularly visits the father rebuilt on the insurance money mansion.

Valdovinos believes that all the evidence against him was falsified. “Body Elizalde” was a different skin tone, his height was considerably less, and the body had no scars, “the late”.

For 18 years the prisoner and his wife wrote in all the courts and human rights organizations in the country. In 2015 he even appealed to the President of the country, which at that time was Enrique peña Nieto, but received no response.

Inter-American court of human rights has investigated the case of men and decided to protect it in accordance with the Istanbul Protocol. Theoretically, Valdovinos needs to be released after the recommendation of the court of the state of Mexico. The court also advised to apply sanctions against criminals and cops who tortured a man.

“It has been proven that people who allegedly killed my husband, alive, so that accusation doesn’t make sense. I ask you for justice and release my husband,” said the wife of Valdovinos.

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