Revealed details of everyday life fighting in the Donbass Russians


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Leadership of fighting on the side of the self-proclaimed Donetsk (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR) people’s republics by the inhabitants of Donbass is Russian officers who come to uncontrolled Kiev part of the region for a period of one year. In an interview with the Television news service (TSN) of the TV channel “1+1” said the female commander of a tank crew DNI Svetlana Druk (call the Wind), took part in the armed conflict on the side of the breakaway Republic in 2014 and sided with Kiev a few months ago.

“All the Russian officers come to the year. Before it was three months, six months. Now for a year. They take commands from Novocherkassk, where all the leadership of the DNI and the LC is carried out,” she said.

Also Dryukov stated that a local resident, rose to the position of battalion commander, gets 45 thousand rubles, “and the commander of the battalion, sent from Russia, in two or three times more, plus surcharges”. In addition, arriving in the Donbas Russians allegedly signed the order according to which they should live separately and have no right to communicate with the “natives” of Donbass. “Only in the service. They can’t communicate with women that they happily wanted to spit. There are battalion commanders, who found their love, live with girls, give birth to children and pay in Russia a bribe to stay or go there to retire, and continue to serve here,” she explained.

At the same time, noticed Druk, many who came to the Donbass Russians cheat. “It depends on what district arrived. There are districts where the salary is the same as ours. And there were cases when a person output for the state, and he did not receive any fees. I year after three were now — for two years. Wages they come on the card, a DNR they can’t take them off, you just have to go to Russia and shoot,” said the former commander of the crew.

“I know that some people come from Russia to the Donbass, as Safari. For a short time to shoot and everything. Somehow to me the orderly brought the resuscitator of Russia. And when the guys from the neighboring units were injured, and they have the medic was not needed to assist. Tell him to do, and he will not! Ask — why? Answers – I’m here for “Safari” came. That is, to shoot, to laugh, to blow, to kill people like animals,” recalled she.

The transition Druk, who fought on the side of the DNI 2014, on Ukraine it became known on March 3. She told TSN that left the territory of the DPR a few months ago, and then convinced their leadership that is in Russia. Your story with the journalists she shared only after the Kiev-controlled territory of Ukraine was removed children Druk.

In SBU the arrival Druk on Kiev-controlled territory confirmed and stated that the result of the operation of counter-intelligence was received “valuable witness to the Russian military aggression in Ukraine and important materials about the leading role of regular officers of the armed forces and employees of the Russian special services in organizing terrorist activities in the Donbas.”

The DNI also said that Druk was dismissed from service in early 2019, and its appearance on the Kiev-controlled territory due to the fact that she was abducted by security Service specialists of Ukraine in Moldova.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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