USA supported the position of Belarus in Crimea


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USA respect the independence and sovereignty of Belarus, as well as are satisfied with the position of Minsk on the non-recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea. In an interview with said Deputy assistant U.S. Secretary of state George Kent, who visited the Belarusian capital on an official visit.

Kent pointed to the fact that Washington is not asking Minsk to make a choice between Moscow and the West — the United States understands that Belarus and Russia have very close ties in the fields of politics, economy, security, as well as the fact that the country pays significant attention to the expansion of trade relations with the countries of the European Union and other States. In Washington “does not seek to undermine these relations”, he said.

“Support the independence and sovereignty of Belarus and all other post-Soviet countries is a long-standing policy of the United States. We believe that Belarus should be free to choose their own destiny and directions of development. The same applies to its relations with its neighbors,” added Kent.

The state Department spokesman noted that the essential elements of the relations between Washington and Minsk are in compliance with the Belarus human rights and democracy. “The United States remains committed to the protection of human dignity and the support of fundamental democratic principles. Progress on these issues opens new opportunities to further improve bilateral relations,” he said.

In early January, the American magazine Foreign Policy, citing a source in the Department said “early thaw” in relations between Belarus and the United States. The reason for such a formulation was the removal of the Belarusian authorities limit to the number of American diplomats who can work in the country. After a few days it became known that Minsk and Washington are discussing the possibility of expanding the diplomatic presence, including the return of ambassadors (embassies in the capitals after diplomatic scandal headed by temporary attorneys).

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