Electrical problems pushed Venezuelans to the mass robbery of the store


www.vsyako.netFoto: Referencial / El Nacional

The Bolivarian national police detained more than 50 people during an attempted robbery of a supermarket in the Caracas suburb of Baruta. It is reported by El Nacional.

The cause of the looting became widespread power outages, which stores all the country have been working for more than three days. To get inside the supermarket, people threw stones at the Windows.

It is noted that the relatives of the detainees do not know where they were taken trying to Rob the store, and is required to provide this information to them.

March 7, almost all Venezuela was left without light. Major problems with electricity supply were recorded in 23 of 24 States. Later, electricity was partially restored.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called the incident “electric war” with the United States. The national energy company in the country explained what happened diversion on hydroelectric power station “El Guri” in Bolivar state. The Minister of communication and information Jorge Rodriguez said that the building suffered from cyber attacks from the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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