Mother shamed the airline for forcing to breastfeed in the toilet


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Rick Rycroft / AP

Passenger shamed the airline for the fact that she was not allowed to breast feed the baby in the cabin. About it reports Fox News.

As told to Stephanie Vandenberg, she got in touch with the airline Air Canada before flight to arrange the flight with the baby. During the telephone conversation, the representative of the carrier said that the woman will have to use the restroom to feed the baby’s chest.

Frustrated by company policy Vandenberg publicly shamed the representative of Air Canada in social networks. “You can’t force a woman to feed her baby in the toilet of the aircraft. I’m also not going to go through a consultation with your medical staff. If you want to dine in the toilet, I don’t mind, but my young son will not be joing you,” wrote the girl.

Her post instantly became viral and gathered more than 15 thousand likes and more than three thousand posts. Some time later, Air Canada contacted Vandenberg said that she could feed her son where she can be comfortable.

In February, the mother of two girls shamed man page in Facebook for what he with obvious irritation respond to her child in flight. She wrote that the entire flight he was constantly sighed and looked back at her and also added that children are our future and therefore they need to be tolerant.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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